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5 Mobile Phone Tracking Spy Apps You Can Use Right Now and Start Monitoring

There are a few things to consider when checking out a list of mobile phone trackers and especially free cell phone trackers. Top on the list is the question of what critical features the tracker comes with. In fact, features such as call spy, camera spy, audio spy, etc are what distinguish a spy app from just another geolocation app. In this article, we will discuss about the top 5 mobile phone tracking spy apps in detail. Let us take a look:

The Truth spy

As a company owner or a parent, Truth Spy grants you full control of the target’s phone. Actually, you can anonymously and from your phone, determine and monitor the location of your target. The premium version of the application gives you the ability to monitor text messages and calls, grants you full access to the targets camera, social media activity, and even gives you a full internet activity report. To start you off, the company offers a two-day trial and a subsequent optional payment of $16/month.


This is probably everything you want packed into a phone spying system. It captures typing strokes, records all phone calls and can allow the user to view all messages and social media activity. FlexiSpy gives you the ability to track the location of the target and can even turn on their microphones to listen to in. However, to install this app on your android phone or iPhone will require rooting and jailbreaking respectively. The premium version of the app goes for $199.


The extensive logging capability is one of the key features that make this app exceptional. It is actually one of the best in respect to location tracking and geofencing capabilities and will give you a call when the target moves outside an approved area. You can also be alerted when the device gets to within a set distance of a particular area such as a bad neighborhood. Although there is no way to block calls on this app, the administrator can get alerts when a specific preset number calls.


Spyera is what can be referred to as a complete set of spy tools. With the app, the admin has access to the targets live chat recordings, can spoof SMS, have access to a video recording option and spy call option among others. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry and even features a SIM-card-change alert.


With a single button, you can now listen in into conversations when you are not around. Through the application’s control panel, administrators can also view deleted messages and contacts in addition to the calls and message history of the target’s phone. Other features include email spy, access to social media profiles and the ability to read previously deleted notes. However, a majority of these features are available in the gold plan which goes for $30 per month.

As seen above, spying on your co-worker or family member is just a few buttons away. You just need to download one of these free mobile phone trackers.

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