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9 Amazing Features In YASYAS Phone That Everyone Like

The cheap mobile phones have gotten really good in the market. It’s easier to find a quality smartphone now for a cheap affordable price. One such phone is the YASYAS phone. The company offers the best mobile deals with this smartphone. The phone comes in handy with many important users’ features all in one pack. This phone retails at £100 in the UK. It is currently one of the best smartphones under £100 in the UK. In this blog, we will write a short review on Yasyas smartphone that covers all the amazing features it has.

1. High Definition Camera Lens (Front 8MP & Back 12MP)

Yasyas smartphone contains two cameras; front and back camera. The Front camera has a high-quality lens and 8MP camera for taking high-quality selfies. The selfie camera has the best quality even in dark conditions. The back camera features high definition lens and 12MP. This ensures that you get the best experience of taking photos and videos with the camera. Another interesting feature about YASYAS smartphone is, it enabled high-quality image viewing feature.

2. Higher Storage Space (16 GB ROM, 2GB RAM)

YASYAS smartphone has 16GB ROM of internal storage. This provides enough space for storing your personal files and media such as photos, videos, and audio. In case you require additional storage you can easily purchase an SD card from the market. YASYAS phone supports expandable Micro SD up to 32GB. It has 2GB RAM for faster processing of applications. This ensures that the phone doesn’t lag behind in its processing functions.

3. Security Fingerprint Unlock (Can save more than one finger print)

YASYAS phone also comes equipped with security fingerprint unlock. The fingerprint technology has state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition software. The fingerprint feature will not be recognized by any unauthorized users. You will also have to worry less about your password or pattern being recognized by other people. Furthermore, you can also use this fingerprint technology to perform other functions in the phone including authorizing payments. It also supports more than one fingerprint saving; therefore, you can let your smartphone to be accessed by another user apart from you.

4. Longer Battery Life (Lasts upto 22.5 hours)

YASYAS smartphone comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3800mAh. The battery lasts up to 22.5 hours and standby of six days depending on the usage.

5. SIM Cards (Dual SIM, accepts SIM card of any carrier network)

YASYAS smartphone is a SIM-free mobile phone which means that it accepts SIM cards of all different carrier networks. You can therefore freely interchange SIM cards from different carrier networks in the phone. The phone also has dual-SIM support and is the best Dual SIM phone available.

6. Best Price (Under £100)

YASYAS smartphone is the best mobile deal in 2018 owing to its price sensitivity. The product costs under £100 in the UK depending on the retailer. If you are in a country where the smartphone is currently unavailable or out of order you can order for its shipping which is completely free. In case you are unsatisfied with the product you have a 14-day period to return the product and be issued with a full refund with no questions asked.

7. Comparison with Android tablets (Apps that you find in Android tablets)

YASYAS smartphone runs on android service like other common smartphones. They also operate on Android and use the same Android apps. Most features found in Android tablets are found in YASYAS smartphone. Their difference is that Android tablets have much higher screen-inches size. Android tablets are more expensive as compared to this smartphone.

8. Warranty (1-Year)

YASYAS phone offers a warranty of 12-months from the first day of use of the product. This warranty provides a longer time and also covers all services repairs.

9. Free screen repair (Screen replacement service for free)

YASYAS has a free screen repair, so reduces the need for insurance. YASYAS phones are repaired for free when their screens are broken courtesy of the manufacturing company. The company offers 1-year free screen repair service.

These are the best 9 amazing features of the Yasyas smartphone, which sell for less than £100 in the UK market.

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