Who Invented the First Cell Phone?

It’s difficult to imagine a world without cell phones today. We use them to send messages, check email, even take pictures and play games. However, the concept of making wireless calls started more than a century ago. History tells us
Insurance Coverage for your Mobile Phone

Best Insurance Coverage for your Mobile Phone

The recent decade has seen the greatest transformation in mobile phones. Instead of the indestructible Nokia 3310, most of us now walk around with expensive iPhone or Android phones in our pockets. Dropping or losing one of these without an
How Smartphone Dominated the World of Communications

Evolution of Smartphones

The progression of the smartphone has been breathtaking to behold. In a little over a decade, the technology came to dominate the world of communications. Today, there are over 2.5-billion smartphone users, with projections set to include a further 1-billion
Mobile Phone Insurance in UK

Top 5 Mobile Phone Insurers in the UK – YASYAS Free Screen Replacement Warranty

Introduction Smart phones form an important part of our lives these days. But the slightest possible drop can damage the piece or cause a bump on it. Some phones even have a very high sell-on value that makes them prone
Spy Apps

5 Basic Tips to Consider Before Using Spy Apps

Spy is about monitoring someone without their knowledge. Regardless of whether this is for good or bad, this action brings with it a variety of problems. For this reason, it is always highly recommended to hide any traces when spying
water damage phone

Have You Ever Lost Your Phone in Deep Sea Diving?

As a kid, you probably dreamed about going deep sea diving and looking for treasure. All of us did at some point. What would you dream about finding down there? A pirate treasure – Gold from the lost city of
Mobile Spy Apps

5 Mobile Phone Tracking Spy Apps You Can Use Right Now and Start Monitoring

There are a few things to consider when checking out a list of mobile phone trackers and especially free cell phone trackers. Top on the list is the question of what critical features the tracker comes with. In fact, features
YASYAS Smartphone Features

9 Amazing Features In YASYAS Phone That Everyone Like

The cheap mobile phones have gotten really good in the market. It’s easier to find a quality smartphone now for a cheap affordable price. One such phone is the YASYAS phone. The company offers the best mobile deals with this
android spying and tracking apps

List of Android phone spying and tracking apps

How many times have you misplaced your phone? This little accident might have caused you to run late for your appointment or inconvenienced you in one way or another. How you reacted to this predicament must have been so hilarious
generic phones are as good as brand phones

Cheap android phones Vs Branded phones

Things to keep in mind when comparing cheap Android smartphones with branded Android smartphones. When purchasing a phone, the first thing we would look at is a branded android phone – this is mainly down to that we are familiar
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