generic phones are as good as brand phones

Cheap android phones Vs Branded phones

Things to keep in mind when comparing cheap Android smartphones with branded Android smartphones.

When purchasing a phone, the first thing we would look at is a branded android phone – this is mainly down to that we are familiar with the brand but also we feel secure that it will be a working phone and that everyone has one! We all want the latest phones but sometimes we seem to forget about the practicality of actually purchasing a branded android – such as the cost of them, what happens if you damage it, the costs to fix and replacing, and cost of insurance.

But one thing we seem to forget is that there are cheaper android phones on the market which are pretty good and value for money! The other benefits I would see that it would be way much cheaper to repair and even replace.
We also need to note that a lot of cheaper UK android phones do have the same battery life and the standard processor when compared to branded phone. The only difference I see that for a branded phone you tend to get beautiful packaging and see amazing adverts that lure you in but all end up costing you more when you purchase the phone!

Those with children, many of you know that they are all wanting to use your mobile phone. Whether to view videos, watch YouTube or use various apps. But being a parent I am very hesitant for my son to use my expensive android due to the reasons already stated above (cost of repairing etc.). But also he seems to kill my battery when I actually need the phone the most. However recently I discovered YASYAS a budget android phone which is unlocked so any sim can be used from any network! The main thing I was really impressed with, was the battery life. Because as many of you know watching videos etc. take up so much of the battery life! The battery for this phone lasts up to 23 hrs – pretty impressive.

non brand phones have same wuality and perfromance as brand phones

The other advantage I found was the customer support I received and also the returns policy which was pretty simple compared to other branded androids. Also technical support is literally picking up the phone and getting advice straight away rather than having to wait in a queue for a long amount of time and pressing several numbers just to speak to a representative!
So if I had to choose I would definitely go for a budget android mainly for the soul purpose of letting my son to use it and when travelling a unlocked phone is great to take so you can use a local sim. I also noticed that the features of cheaper androids are practically the same!!

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