android spying and tracking apps

List of Android phone spying and tracking apps

How many times have you misplaced your phone? This little accident might have caused you to run late for your appointment or inconvenienced you in one way or another. How you reacted to this predicament must have been so hilarious that it might have been part of some funny smartphone videos. Don’t fret! This will be the last time that such thing will happen because we will introduce to you the top Android tracking apps.

Here they are:

Top Android Tracking Apps

Spyzie – This tops the list of most sites because it does not only help you locate your phone, but it can also trace your incoming and outgoing calls, text and multimedia messages, and other apps such as WhatsApp. It is also easy to install. You can find help from their award winning support. This app comes in two plans – the Premium and the Ultimate edition.

mSpy – This is another cool tracking app. Just like Spyzie, it helps you find your phone and boasts of several features. The most notable ones are managing and monitoring calls, tracking text messages, reading emails, setting call restrictions, and accessing the calendar and address book. You can also read instant messages from Tinder and Viber. This app does not only support Android.

Considering that there are 85% of the adult population in the UK that uses mobile phones, they have made sure that you can also use their app for iOS, Mac OS and Windows. You have three plans to choose from, namely: Basic, Premium and Bundle kit. You just have register, after which you can download and install the said app.

Google Android Device-Manager – Of course, you can always go to the good old reliable Google for help. You just have to sign in to your Google account for this to work. Then you have to download Find My Device app from Google Play Store. Once done, you can open and login the Find My Device website. It will immediately show you where your phone is. This is very useful as most households have 2 to 4 smartphones.

Lost Android App – This is another app that you can easily download and install from the Google Play Store. It is very much like the Find My Device app because you need to have the location service of your smartphone turned on for this to work. It will track down your phone wherever it is.

Dropbox – This versatile app does not only allow you to share large files to your friend. But you can also use it to track your lost phone. You should have installed the Dropbox app with the Camera Upload feature switched on. If someone happens to have taken recent photographs using your phone, you will see them. With some ingenuity, it can help you find your phone and do much more.

Where’s My Droid – This is one of the oldest Android phone tracker in the market. It can give you the current location of your phone as well as a list of where it was. This app has a theft detection feature which will immediately notify you if such thing happened. It will also allow you to remotely lock your device through its website.

AVG Anti-Theft – AVG offers an anti-theft feature in its antivirus suite. You can use this to trace where your phone is. It will give you a real time response. One great thing about this app is that it’s remarkably easy to use. Conclusion You do not have to pull your hair out of sheer frustration the next time that your phone gets lost. You just need to choose among these 7 options. They can quickly help you find your phone. So what are you waiting for? Try one of them now!

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