Insurance Coverage for your Mobile Phone

Best Insurance Coverage for your Mobile Phone

The recent decade has seen the greatest transformation in mobile phones. Instead of the indestructible Nokia 3310, most of us now walk around with expensive iPhone or Android phones in our pockets. Dropping or losing one of these without an insurance cover will surely set you back a couple hundred pounds. In this article, we take a look at how to get the best mobile phone coverage in UK and sample a few covers that are worth every time.

Love it cover it (//

This company provides one of the best mobile phone coverage in the UK. Some of the benefits included in the cover include a cracked screen cover which covers repair and replacement costs of a new screen, a liquid damage cover, and theft and loss cover. A key selling point of the cover is its 12-month warranty on replacements and the inclusion of loss as standard in the basic cover. You also don’t have to worry when traveling as the company also provides a worldwide cover.

Insurance2go (//

Insurance2go has some of the most affordable mobile phone covers. For just $5.99 per month, a Standard cover will guard your phone against the risk of loss or theft. A full cover costs £7.49 per month or £79.99 a year and adds liquid damage, accidental damage, mechanical problems, and malicious damage. Both also come with an overseas 90-day a year protection of up-to £100 and an accessory cover of £150. To get into this plan, your phone should not be more than 6 months old.

Nationwide Flexplus (//

Looking to hit two birds with one stone? Well, you can have a bank account that doubles up as your family’s phone insurance. For £13 per month or £156 per year, the Nationwide Flexplus account covers phones under £1000 that belong to you, your spouse and any kids under the age of 19 years. The age bracket extends to 22 years for kids if they can prove they still live at home and are in full-time education.

Covercloud (//

This company provides a multi-gadget insurance cover for all your devices at home and abroad. In fact, you get a 10% discount when you list more than one device. It provides one of the best mobile phone covers that include individual, couples and family plans. From £4.73 a month, you can be covered from theft, accidental damage and unauthorized calls among others. On the other hand, the elite policy goes for £7.20 a month (£79.20 a year) and adds E-wallet protection, and an unlimited worldwide cover. Businesses can also cover multiple devices with the company’s Business phone insurance policies

It is important to note that various insurance companies provide different levels of cover. For example, theft may only be covered if the phone was taken by force in contrast to being stolen from your pocket in a club or a concert. Other factors include reasonable care, availability of proof of purchase and the phone’s age among others. To ensure you get the best mobile phone coverage, always read the policy documents and enquire from your provider before signing.

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