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Top 5 Mobile Phone Insurers in the UK – YASYAS Free Screen Replacement Warranty


Smart phones form an important part of our lives these days. But the slightest possible drop can damage the piece or cause a bump on it. Some phones even have a very high sell-on value that makes them prone to theft.

But the good news is, you can insure your phone against loss, theft or any kind of damage. Even better, YASYAS offers free screen replacement warranty. This gives them an edge over other insurers as you don’t have to worry when your only need is to have the screen replaced. In this post, we will discuss UK’s top 5 mobile phone insurers.

  1. Protect-Your-Bubble

The first in the list is the Protect-Your-Bubble mobile phone insurance. It offers us unlimited repairing facility and the insurance policy provides two claims per year for every gadget in case of theft or loss. It offers low excess costs, that is, £50 in case of damage/breakdown and £75 for loss or theft cases.


The insurance policy takes into consideration cases of worldwide theft, broken buttons as well as cracked screen, and broken headphone jack. It even looks into matter where your phone gets tumbled in a liquid or cases of mechanical breakdowns i.e. blank screen, charging issues.

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  1. Gadget Cover

If a member of your family is using your phone, the Gadget Cover mobile insurance policy is a worthy take. It offers an excess cost of £50 for devices with worth less than £500 and £75 if the device is more than that.


It provides claims to accidental damage as well as mechanical breakdown of the device, theft, and liquid damage. Unauthorized access to the device, family cover and e-wallet cover are other add-ons provided by the claim policy. Claim in case of a loss is not applicable in all cases.

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  1. Endsleigh

The Endsleigh mobile insurer is a perfect option if you want a quick replacement to your device. In case of damage or breakdown, it offers replacement of the device within a single working day, but the insurance can be taken only for devices not more than three years old.


Like other insurers, it also enables the customer to stake claims against damage of the device as well as its mechanical breakdown or tumbling of the device in a liquid. Theft and loss claim are also covered by this insurer. The excess cost offered by them differs from device to device.

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  1. Simplesurance

The name says it all. Instead of charging you every month, it offers consumer with yearly plans. You can choose a one-year plan, two-year plan or three-year plan depending upon the need. With the increase in years, the cost also lowers down.


The damage cover and excess cost offered by this insurer differs over the globe. In the UK, they cover claims that come under loss and damage of the device due to electricity problem. They also cover the device if it catches fire in any case, and also offer a third-party cover. Theft cover is only applicable if it is subscribed for.

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  1. So Sure

The So Sure mobile insurer offers a 24-hour replacement of your product in case of damage, loss or any mechanical breakdown. Unlimited claims can be made with this insurer. And what makes it special is the 80% money-back offer if no claim is made over the entire year.


The insurance covered offered by this insurer is no different from any other in the market. The damage, loss, theft and mechanical breakdown covers are made only by devices having a maximum age of 3 years.

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Remember, you need to choose the right insurance policy in order to take advantage of their replacement or repair policy.

The amount they charge and the area they cover can help us make the right choice.

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