5 latest money saving travel tips for UK Holiday Makers

When planning your vacation – you are always looking for ways to save. Whether it’s on flights, accommodation, or even other necessities. I have been researching recently on the best way to save when arranging my holiday. We all enjoy luxury so why not save on transport to the airport, or rather than taking your latest phone perhaps a “holiday” phone is required. Because to be honest I am usually the first to damage or misplace my phone. So ideally having a second/holiday phone might be cost effective!

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My recommendations!
1. YASYAS Smartphone.

Yes, this seems like a jazzy phone name and we are probably thinking is this for real and does this phone actually work. The benefits of this phone are that I can actually use my UK sim but also a local sim – so having the option of the dual sim is fantastic – also there is no need for unlocking and spending time and money to do this. Not only is this phone reasonably priced but it has really good applications and has a pretty good camera that does the job. I always find even the most expensive phone the camera isn’t great which means I have to take an actual camera so, therefore, more responsibility and extra luggage. But this camera takes great pictures and even better the battery life is much longer so I can click away – ensuring I can take many pictures throughout the day and not missing out on any vital memories throughout my trip. You might think is there a catch OR that this is a very expensive phone. Surprisingly with all the features and benefits it offers, it’s very reasonably priced (retailed at £150)
2. Zipcar airport self-drive car.

This recommendation of mine is unfortunately for those that live in London only. But what I love about this service is that you don’t have the excessive costs of booking a taxi OR leaving your car at the airport. Which I have to say can be extremely costly at times especially if you want to be closer to the terminal, because the last thing you want to do is lugging your suitcases when you have kids etc. So it’s an extremely cost-effective but convenient way of getting to and from the airport. The Zipcar flex service allows you to pick the car up from your “club car” parking space so basically, it will check what is closet to your home. It will then let you drop the car off at the airport, so there is no waiting around just simply pick up – drive and drop off at your destination. The ultimate cost saving is that fuel is free (depending on mileage) and insurance (mileage of up to 66 miles) are all included in the hourly rate from little as £12hr (please note this could differ depending on where you live) but my research shows that it’s the most convenient and cost-saving way to get to the airport.
3. Airport lounge:

I have to say this is probably my best tip so far. I recently learned that not all airport lounges are for “business class and 1st class passengers” in actual fact depending on whom you bank with you might have this benefit. I know that Barclay’s traveler plus pack actually entitles you to have airport lounge passes, travel insurance, car cover all for a little as £15.50 a month. However, with NatWest black rewards account you will get travel insurance, lounge passes concierge service and at least 10% off airport hotels and parking. So for those that are paying monthly for your accounts, check out your benefits and start using!!
4. Zamato food delivery:

if you aren’t keen on the cuisine that that hotel is offering or in general looking for a selection of food options, this app basically looks at food outlets within your area and who delivers! So the gem is that you don’t need to leave the hotel but have in-room dining and not always having to pay “in-room dining” prices!!
5. Priceline car rental:

I was told this is the best website to search for the cheapest car rental offers from top branded companies. So you search and rent from this site and pick up the car from the airport. It’s that simple!! So rather than searching and spending time looking at car rental places you just need to visit the one website.

Enjoy your trip!! and look forward to hearing your thoughts on my recommendations.

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