Why an Unlocked Smart Phone?

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There are many reasons to purchase an unlocked phone. However, there are many of those that are pretty reluctant too! I have to say I was one of those “reluctant” people. However recently I discovered why having an unlocked phone is beneficial.

Sim Only or sim free phone:

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Every 2 years I have to look for a new contract but I feel if I am paying over £35+ a month I should also get a new phone. But in actual fact, my phone has been perfectly fine but I can never justify paying so much just for the contract without getting a nice phone with it. But I recently discovered that purchasing a sim only is great – I can keep the same phone without having to pay hideous prices. But also I can have various networks if my phone is unlocked!

Switching mobile phone networks:

switching mobile networks UK

This must be the biggest advantage – you don’t like a certain network after a few months then you can simply change networks without having to pay for your phone to be unlocked OR purchase a new phone to suit that particular network. With having a sim only and having an unlocked phone you then don’t have to pay for any cancellation fees either.

Travelling with unlocked phone:

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If you are a frequent traveler, then you can easily switch networks when necessary especially if you are in a particular country. It’s that simple and you won’t have the huge costs of data roaming when you are in a different part of the world. You can replace your current sim with a pay as you go in the country you are in. Not only will this be financially better but you can still use your current smartphone without having to purchase a local basic phone! You will still be able to read your email view pictures from your current phone.

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