E1 – Ear Phone
E1 – Ear Phone
E1 – Ear Phone
E1 – Ear Phone

E1 – Ear Phone

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Say Hello with HD quality sound, Sound quality to give the right feel for your music


Metal Body –  Metallic frame for pure sound along with strong body.

Magnetic Ear Head for added sound quality

Bass Boost Technology

“Bring Your Music to Life”

Yasyas E1 Earphone

We have made sure that when you opt for a earphone there is always a valid and specific need, it is important for the ear phone to be in accordance to the expectations.

To meet the requirement we have implemented a design module which makes sure to give a crystal clear sound output.

The metal body frame takes care of durability and sound grip within the domes so that nothing finds a way out except reaching your ears.

The magnetic functionality delivers clear and HD quality sound for calls and music which ever the use maybe.

Microphone stays near the mouth to deliver your voice clean to the other end.

It has an on and off switch to receive calls or end it.

The Audio Jack fits all the latest phone and stereo socket for phones and multiple stereo usages

Dolby Digital Sound will give you a live feel without noise disruption

The Product is proudly designed in UK and restores top quality brand.

A must have companion for your beloved Yasyas Smartphone